What is Bitinda?




The Bitinda wallet is a cryptocurrency platform which empowers secure transactions through which users can hold the private keys to the digital money and trade in digital currencies. The Bitinda Wallet led to a significant transformation to the current mechanism, concept, and structure of the crypto wallet. The platform only focused on the exchange and wallets. All transactions and investment done on Bitinda will be secure. The investments include the benefits of a worldwide accepted platform. The platform is used for storing Litecoin, Bitcoins, Ripple, and Ethereum. It aims at broadening the horizon for activates that are transactional.

How user benefits from Bitinda

Sharing of the Bitinda exchange profits

Bitinda offers all its token holders a 10% of the net fees earned on the exchange as a reward. Although the transaction fee is small, Bitinda is working to increase its profits on the number of transactions.

Sharing the Bitinda wallet transaction profits

Another thing that token holder stands to benefit from is that they will receive 10% of the net fees earned on all the network transactions.

Token Buyback and burn

In other platform, users cannot buy back and burn using the company profits. Bitinda wallet takes 10% of the net profits earned in the wallet and exchange to buy back Bitinda tokens from people who want to sell them. Every token purchased is permanently burned. The process increases Bitinda token scarcity and on the other hand, enhances the value of the token over time.

Accepted currencies

Not all currencies are accepted in the Bitinda wallet. Only the Ethereum currency is accepted. This means users cannot use Bitcoin or any other digital or fiat currencies except Ethereum. And Bitinda token.

Bitinda wallet features

  • The Bitinda wallet is imbibed with features such as
  • Personal control: the network allows users to have full access to private keys, making Bitinda trustworthy and user-friendly.
  • Low transaction fees: traders and merchants can accept payments with a minimal amount of transaction fee.
  • A global approach: the Bitinda wallet is in India, users can receive, transfer and exchanges around the world and with the local currencies.
  • Saving securely: user safeguards their assets and can even earn a considerable amount of profit for them.
  • The wallet is open sourced

It can be accessed on mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android wallets as well as on the desktop. Founder and CEO Sahil Kohli and Saumil Kohli the co-founder are the ones leading a team of knowledgeable advisors and team members.

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