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BitDegree is a blockchain powered education platform that aims to revolutionize education and the blockchain technology. The platform offers students best online courses with a transparent a clear blockchain based achievement tracking and rewards system. It also has tools for business. The tools can be used to recruit tech students and shape the global education. The platform works the same as HackerRank and courser merged together and is powered by the decentralized blockchain technology. The main goal of BitDegree is to improve the education standards and provide a better online education experience for all students worldwide.

The problems that BitDegree seeks to solve

There are crucial problems in the online edition world that the BitDegree creators have identified and they are willing to solve. These problems as are follows

Recruit tech talent

The Average US Company spends approximately $4,000 to fill an open position in the global recruitment market that is worth over $200 billion. BitDegree aims to provide global employers branding of students by sponsoring smart incentives.

Friction in the marketplace

There is a lot of Friction in the marketplace that BitDegree aims to solve. It wants to use digital tokens to build a frictionless ecosystem and the tokens will be used in the creation of a frictionless marketplace between employers, the Ethereum platform, and students.

Poor Course Completion rates

Not everyone completes the course they start only. BitDegree mentions in its whitepaper that CodeCademy and Coursera are the largest players in the MOOC space. However, both platforms have Abysmal course completion rates. The platform aims to change this by paying an amount of interest to students to learn

Education flows globally

Many colleges and universities fail to teach students the skills needed to participate in the modern workforce. BitDegree believes in the importance of practical skills and wants to allow employers to directly communicate with upcoming talents through smart incentives. This means to the student and earns and learn at the same time.

How does it work?

First students need to sign up and start earning tokens. The BitDegree tokens can be used to revolutionize education. Students can also earn scholarship and rewards. Some of the courses listed in the platform include:

  • Blockchain basics
  • Coding Fundamentals
  • Web development Theory
  • Smart contracts Solidity and development
  • Ethereum development: open Zeppelin and Truffle.

BitDegree team includes CBO and Co-founder Danielius Stasiulis, Co-founder and CEO Andrius Putna and Martynas Andriuskevicius. Andrius has over 11 years of software engineering experience, whereas Putna amassed a 29 million person user base on 000webhost between 2007 and 2016.

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