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Bitconnect (BCC)

Was served with lawsuit-Ponzi-allegations!

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Bitconnect (BCC) is an open source system, which is designed to make a process of trading, staking, mining, and investing Bitcoin much easier. It provides a self-regulated financial system that is transparent to all users everywhere and at the same time educates its community. It allows the users to have the stability of income and economic freedom.

In a simpler explanation, BCC is a community of like-minded open-source platform that has garnered the reputation of building trust and security in the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ecosystems. It connects members socially as well as financially to achieve their goals of financial independence and safety.

How does it work?


BCC is a decentralized cryptocurrency created by the people and for the people. It is a platform that gives ways for users to stay independent of government and private banking institution. Also, saves the users from taxes, hidden fees and the waiting days before a single transactions can be completed.

All the currency belong to a particular user, and only he/she can decide what he/she’s going to do with it.  If you are wondering that it’s not safe because Blockchain is not backed by a government of some sort, know that it will take billions of year and a supercomputer before other people can gain access to your currency stored in the blockchain.

Users will be able to access a public database that allows you to instantly see when and where any and all BCC coins are being held and handled. With BCC, the users can confirm a legal transaction. It is a self-regulated financial system; BCC will use the supply and demand model to determine the value of BCC coin. There are three channels through which the value of BCC can be affected, and these are Coin supply, Coin Demand, and Coin Distribution.


Public Announcement, Please be adviced that many reputable blockchain and crypto expert has suggested that is a Ponzi Scheme.

Please do your due diligence before investing in it.


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