What is Bitcoinz?

BitcoinZ (BTCZ)

BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is a decentralized cryptocurrency based bitcoin compatible on the Zcash core. It utilizes the Equihash algorithm with ZK-snarks, T-addresses and anonymous Z-addresses. By combining the technologies, BitcoinZ is able to operate as a cryptocurrency with an ability to provide processor unit mining to people worldwide. The project also allows for the compatibility and portability with others cryptocurrency blockchains.

Benefits of BitcoinZ

According to their website, BitcoinZ offers its users four benefits which are:

  • Algorithm: BitcoinZ promotes decentralization mining using Equihash (always GPU mining)
  • Max supply: the project supplies 21 billion coins.
  • Fast transactions: currently, users can transact up to 125000 coins every 2.5 minutes.

Circulating supply: the circulating supply current block size is the same or similar to BCC.BCH. This means that every BTCZ = 2MB every 2.5 minutes, which is similar to BCC/BCH which equals 8MB every 10 minutes.

Why choose BitcoinZ?

BitcoinZ is a fully decentralized network that offers users the advantages that they cannot find with other cryptocurrency networks. BitcoinZ offer users:

Anonymity: all transactions on the platform are completely anonymous.

Support for different platforms:  the BitcoinZ wallet is compatible with Android, Linux, Windows and iOS devices everywhere.

Community: the network listens to their community and uses what they gain from their community to succeed and make BitcoinZ a better platform for its users and community members.

Active price growth: BitcoinZ network focuses on organic growth.

Decentralized mining: the mining of BitcoinZ follows the main principles which make mining easier using the Equihash algorithm and decentralized exchanges.

The founding principles of BitcoinZ

The founding principles of BitcoinZ network include:

  • Always immutable, changing history is banned and hardforks only improvements
  • 100% decentralized development. Developers are self-organized in pods. Each implementation that follows consensus is allowed.
  • Zclassic spirit, bitcoins fundamentals, and Zcash core
  • Every coin is made for the community, by the community
  • Everyone should be allowed and able to mine. As a miner, no biggest pools are allowed. You should avoid using them to follow main principles.
  • No ICO, no Pre-mine, and No dev. taxes
  • Fair proposal system
  • Everyone is equal. BitcoinZ fight for freedom and equality

BitcoinZ team

BitcoinZ network team comprises of developers and other team members, every new team or developers is welcomed on the network. Developers are self-organized in several development pods. You can create a new pod account and convince the community to accept it. The main goal of BitcoinZ is to build the best free software on the cryptocurrency market.

Project is no longer live

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