Bitcoindark (BTCD)





Bitcoindark (BTCD) is a form of digital cryptocurrency that enables BTCD users to trade and transact anonymously in a much cheaper and faster way. According to its developers, they had built a platform in which people can freely negotiate without having to reveal their identity and pay expensive fees to middleman and banks. They will be able to trade various cryptocurrencies in different forms of markets.


BTCD’s primary goal is to create a path to financial inclusion, which is purposely made and open for everyone. Bitcoindark developers further added that one of the main reasons why they have created the BTCD platform is because of the numerous disadvantages that they have witnessed in the current world of finance. In a simpler sense, they have to make a pavement, which is better than the traditional transaction methods.


Komodo Swap


The Komodo Swap is intended for private transactions, so users can keep fund exchanges confidential. It is an upgraded blueprint in which the BTCD can be swapped for a Komodo coin.




InstantDEX is a decentralized exchange, which allows trading in between a wide range of different assets and cryptocurrencies. It helps in settling trades on person to person basis. It allows the BTCD users to gain access to the world’s major currencies with security and safety without any commission fees deducted.


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