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BitClave (CAT)




Although we use search engines, there are many risks involved when using them. Centralized search engines record your search data, makes sure your IP address is logged and they track cookies to create a digital profile for you so that they can target you when it comes to the ads that they want to show you. Even worse, they invade your privacy everytime you use a centralized search engine. BitClave is an Ethereum based decentralized search engine. The Bitclave main aim is to solve the problem with search engines and the online advertising industry. They are using a solution called BASE or BitClave Active Search Ecosystem.

What is Bitclave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE)?

Base is a decentralized system that connects consumers to businesses. It eliminates the need for middlemen such as Google Awards. This means that advertisers and consumers can receive real value from search query in the BASE ecosystem. The Ecosystem is designed to come with the advantages of the blockchain technology like faster speed, low transaction costs, and secure user data storage.

BitClave feature

Combining all the aspects of cryptocurrency, browsing, and blockchain to deliver a high-quality search experience, BitClave has the following features.

You make the money

With BitClave, instead of ad companies making the money, you will get handsomely compensated. The team behind the ecosystem takes up hundreds of dollars per offer. They share the dollar they make with users of the platform.


Anything done on the platform, including search or clicking on an ad is your business. If any business is interested in the data, they need to pay first to get the data from you. Instead of companies benefiting, you get handsomely compensated for your data.

Crypto for the masses

Users can use CAT to get into the cryptocurrency game. Rather than buying the CAT, you can earn it with the data you share. The CATs can be traded like other cryptocurrencies.

BitClave’s BASE features

  • Puts privacy first
  • Reduced cost for business
  • Smart contracts
  • Activity ledger
  • Allows consumers to profit instead of having their information sold
  • Eliminated the middleman.
  • BitClave team

BitClave is a company based in Mountain View, California and it was founded in 2016. The founder of the company includes Alex Bessonov and Vasily Trofimchuk. The company uses the Consumer Activity Token (CAT) as a bridge between people and businesses.

The aim of BitClave is to disrupt the advertising and search industry with an innovative decentralized search platform. The platform allows people to control their information and earn handsomely by trading that information.



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