What is Bitbay?

Bitbay (BAY)


BitBay (BAY) market is the world’s first ever fully-functional decentralized marketplace. As the website puts it, BitBay is the future of the free market.  Using the innovative technology, it allows users to purchase goods and services and sell them to other people on the platform. The process of buying and selling is secure and private. Your Personal Information is not shared with the public.


Since the project utilizes innovative technology, they have done everything they can do to make the platform a better marketplace for users. Some of the features incorporated in the platform include:

Unbreakable contracts:

It offers users an opportunity to protect themselves from fraudsters without the need of using any amount of fees for escrows.

Decentralized anonymous markets:

individuals can start their own Market or P2P business in a completely anonymous way.

Double deposit escrow:

both sellers and buyers can make deposits when they want to seal a commitment. The process makes fraud possible in the Beta marketplace.

Exotic spending:

The project has a group of features that help users get the necessary tools to begin envelopment of ‘ Dynamic Peg’.

Decentralized voting:

token holders have completed power to vote on the platform. The project offers a completely trust-less voting process with custom staking.

Multi-signature wallets:

users can use two different passwords to make their wallets virtually unhackable.

Safe and secure:

according to BitBay, security is at the core of what they do. Most of the features are built on smart contracts, decentralized hosting, anti-keylogger, encrypted communication and steganography and cool staking.

Complete freedom:

Users of BitBay can say goodbye to the old ways of doing e-commerce. Individuals can buy and sell anything at no fees using a completely free technology offer by BitBay.

BitBay Advanced Client

BitBay is built with Built-in advanced security features and decentralized completely anonymous marketplaces. The developers of the platform recommend the use and BitBay advanced Client to store, send and stake your $Bay. The BitBay Client is available for Windows version 1.29, apple version 1.29 among other Client versions.


$Bay is the most functional cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency industry. $Bay is the foundation where BitBay is founded and has been in constant development since the year 2014. The $Bay marketplace has been operational since 2015 and the $Bay digital currency is used in the marketplace transactions.

About BitBay

BitBay was founded in 2014 but later taken over by the BitBay community. The team is led by David Zimbeck, lead developer, and Craig Claussen, Application Manager among others.

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