What is Biotron?

Biotron (BTRN)



Cryptocurrency and blockchain have taken over most industries already. The data analytic industry is also included in the platform taken by the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Recently Biotron platform was announced. The Biotron is a transparency, personal analytic data platform said to empower individuals. This platform uses the blockchain technology to provide users with accurate analytics and to things private. Biotron it’s only users’ permission and designed to help make better businesses based decisions about their companies.

How Biotron works?

According to Biotron, it is the most accurate analytics online. This analytics can help organizations and business makes informed decisions and right choices about clients. The sensors and social network, as well as IoT, work on the platform. The platform also bases their information on actual data. The data are more accurate and of high quality as well, according to the company. To make operation better, the platform helps people to know where, when and how their data is being used. The use of the blockchain technology on the platform allows transparency on everything they do.

Benefits of using transparency

Transparency: Biotron always everyone to know when and how their data is processed on the platform. Organizations can rely on data available on the platform due to explicit permissions are given by each and every user.

Data accuracy and quality: Biotron claims to “Multiple datasets are delivered directly from the users, providing a thorough and contextualized view of their transactions.”

Cost efficiency: all transaction cost on the platform are removed. That to the higher quality analytics, the organizational decision making is improved.

Use cases: marketing intelligence: users can use the platform precisely to offer targeted customers, customer appends serviced and customer analyses.

Financial intelligence: Biotron offers to make predictions via transactions

Healthcare analytics: medical practitioner can use the services to perform new medical research and better illness diagnosis.

AI Mastering: using individual profile information. AI comprises datasets resulting in more personalized recommendations Ana better results.

Other use cases include:

·         Personal car insurance

·         Psychographic hiring

·         Fraud detection and Identity verification

·         Citizenship services

Biotron App

The Biotron App has the following features:

Simple: easy to install and collect data automatically.

Transparency: users will always know how, where and when Biotron collects data and the kind of data it is collecting.

Private: personal data on the platform is cleaned of any identifying information.

Free to use: the app is completely free.

Reward: every user gets rewarded and the balance sent to their wallet.


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