What is Binance Coin?

Binance Coin (BNB)






The cryptocurrency community and enthusiasts are familiar with traditional exchange platforms where they can deposit cryptocurrency tokens or fiat deposits and trade it for the other. Binance  (BNB) is one such cryptocurrency. Binance is a kind of cryptocurrency trading platform, create by Zhao Changpeng and other genuine digital lovers. The platform is well-known by the cryptocurrency community and it now expanding its purview. Recently, during the concluded “The 4th Global blockchain Summit 2017” Yi He, one of the co-founders of Binance gave a sneak peek of what they are planning to perform and helping their users in the near future.

The “Age of Blockchain Exchange 2.0” included in the platform. Strategies labeled the “2.0”  will be an extension of the platform but will support a range of crypto assets making Binance comparable to NASDAQ or NYSE the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency. Binance wants to be the NYSE of the cryptocurrency sector.  The platform wants to facilitate the trading of digital assets taping into the advantage of the rising number of blockchain projects. It is also expanding to blockchain media and in future the blockchain fund.

Binance video explanation

Binance already has three projects listed on it. The projects are Liuliang ore (LLC)  by QvoPlayer team, TRON and another program that is not yet named, but it is created by Yan Mu, the founder of baihe.com. The company is set to launch a 100 blockchain celebrity’s project to promote the industry through the BABI Finance blockchain. Binance will give the cryptocurrency community to suggest investors and experts who could be featured on the list.


The difference between Binance platform and other media platform, Binance blockchain fund promoted the development of several of crypto-projects, whereas the other platforms encourage cryptocurrency adoption. The fund will salts and list good projects on its ICO platform, help build their own ecosystem and provide support for promotions and marketing in the ecosystem.

Binance has moved from being just a simple exchange platform to an effective promoter of the blockchain industry and in the cryptocurrency community. The development team has experience in both the crypto finance and Wall-Street finance. It also has a track of records for successful start-ups. Binance has already deployed on over 30+ exchanges already. The platform supports all devices and languages offering a seamless user experience. The Binance platform developers have a solid relationship with the industry leaders. Binance is one of the fastest exchange in the cryptocurrency market today and it is ready to increase its services in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.



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