What is BigchainDB?





BigchainDB is a scalable blockchain database that allows enterprises and developers to deploy the blockchain platforms, proof-of-concepts, and applications. The database supports a wide range of uses case and industries. With sub-second latency, high throughput and powerful functionality to automate a process, BigchainDB acts looks and feels like a database with blockchain characters. Other things that BigchainDB offer users in decentralized control and Sybil tolerance. To provide the decentralized control, server software runs on each server in a cluster.  The cluster is owned and operated by a different person and the degree of democracy or autocracy vary.


  • Federation consensus model: the decentralized control is achieved via federation of voting nodes, which makes for a super-peer P2P network.
  • Native support of Multi-assets: because BigchainDB doesn’t use any native currency on BigchainDB, any currency, token and asset can be issued on the database.
  • Customizable: developers can design their private network with custom transactions, permissions, asset, and transparency.
  • Rich permissioning: BigchainDB sets permissions at transaction level to make sure a clear separation of duties and enforce selective access.
  • Query: the database leverages efficient big data query capabilities out of the box to ensure users have everything they need at their disposal
  • Petabytes capacity: you can store transaction metadata and store arbitrary assets in the BigchainDB which means you don’t need to store them somewhere else.
  • Open source: the database is open sourced to all so that people can use it to build applications.
  • Public or private: you can also roll out a public or private network(s) for specific uses cases on your own.
  • Linear scaling: when nodes are added, the higher storage capacity and throughput.


Traditional stacks: the BigchainDB is seamlessly integrated into to traditional stack as a decentralized database for decentralized certificated, transactions, time stamping, and smart contracts.

Blockchain stacks: BigchainDB fills a missing gap in a decentralized stack that complements existing platforms, processing, and file systems.

BigchainDB Byzantine Fault Tolerant BFT

The BigchainDB BFT will be offered as an option with the expectation of turning at a cost to performance in the future. Full BFT in practical systems is not necessary and does not scale.

The BigchainDB is a database platform for developers and organizations that are looking for a queryable and scalable database with blockchain characteristics like immutability, decentralization and the ability to treat anything as an asset. The database treat atoms, bytes of value, or any real-world blockchain application that need to scale as assets.

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