What is Betrium?

Betrium (BTRM)



Betrium (BTRM) is a cryptocurrency that aims to offer an international sports betting platform. The platform consists of a sports book and a betting exchange with zero commissions. Developers, organizer, and third-party service providers can build on the Betrium platform while users can only bet using cryptocurrencies. Betrium’s main goal is to capture a slice of the billion regulated in the international gambling market. There is also a trillion unregulated gambling market. This is according to data from Interpol. Over 100 million people regularly who bet on sports every month and Betrium wants to offer them an easier way to bet.

The problems that Betrium seek to solve

There are many issues that the betting industry face, BTRM believes that it can solve the problems. These problems include:

  • The organizers cannot use the platform
  • Bot blocking
  • Taxes high commissions
  • Unfair conditions
  • No worldwide support which means gambling platforms are localized to specific counties and jurisdictions.

Betrium Benefits and features

BTRM has features that help the platform solve major problems in the industry. Here are some of the benefits and key features of the platform.

Low commissions

If you perform any withdrawals, deposits, and winnings, BTRM does not take any of your commissions. They don’t charge taxes on your income. The structure allows Betrium to charge lower commissions.

Powerful API

It has the fastest API that provides advanced open API for bots, third party apps, developers and betting service providers. The platform uses RESTful API which allows developers to build betting bots.


The platform supports all cryptocurrencies all over the world and works globally. It has 24/7 support and works in 18 different languages. Cryptocurrencies supported on the platform include BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, and XZC among others.

Organizers earn

The platform offers a unique platform for organizers. It provides specialized solutions to partners who want to earn money. An organizer can create custom events and start earning. Players or E-game organizers can also create a match on Betrium, add the outcomes and publish.

Revenue sharing

Each BTRM token holder receives 50% of the Betrium’s negative. The token is backed with Betrium financial success.

Who is behind Betrium?

Betrium team is led by CEO and founder Maksym Suvorov and Analyst, Andrey Rybalchenko and Alex Bykhun the CTO. The team describes itself as a group of analysts and traders. Smart contracts and software developers, mathematicians, front, and back-end web developers, manage experts, lawyers, political technologists and PR/SMM experts.

Project is no live

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