What is Belrium?

Belrium (BET)


Belrium is a KYC (known your Customer) -compliant blockchain developed for the fastest growing Bitcoin digital wallet and trading platform. Belrium platform is developed by belfrics and was inspired by the enormous potential of the digital currency. The digital currency is a financial environment of a decentralized currency system that is transparent and efficient and offers a greater access to financial markets. Belfrics has established itself as a trustworthy and reliable loading software development firm and a digital currency exchange in more than eight countries, including Malaysia, Middle East, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Africans nations.

Driven by commitment, Belrium allows users seamless access to use Bitcoin. Belfrics have created a proprietary ecosystem that is a hybrid model that encompasses both decentralized and centralized exchange benefits. According to recent surveys, issue regulations related to KYC compliance have made the KYC-based systems more complex. The complexity increases the time for the time customer’s use to onboard on the KYC-based systems. Belrium offers customers a decentralized, personalized, secure, and private ecosystem to minimize the repletion related to KYC compliance, saving businesses a considerable amount of time and cost.

Belrium features

Belrium platform has interesting features that make it an ideal platform for KYC. Being the fastest growing Bitcoin digital wallet and trading platform Belrium has awards winning features such as privacy features, award sinning security features and instant transaction processing. The features help in keeping the platform from the risk of hacking and theft.

Belrium ICO

Belfircs is the 1st KYC compliant Blockchain and the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange firm in Africa and Asia. To power the KYC compliant blockchain, belfrics is launching the Belrium ICO. The Belfircs Exchange token (BET) will be sold in the ICO token sale before being converted to BEL. After the ICO BEL will be the access currency for Belrium Blockchain.

The Belrium token

The Belrium token (BET) is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum ecosystem. BET is issued during the ICO. The tokens are available after the completion of the development of the Belrium blockchain. After the completion, BET tokens will be replaced with the BEL coins. The token sale will last for a month after it started on 8th Septembers and will end on 8 October 2017. Bitcoins dominate the amount of token issued and all contribution made on ether will be converted at the prevailing rate. The price of the tokens equals 1 BET=0.0005 BTC. BET tokens can be purchased using Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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