What is Bela?



One of the biggest obstacles that people who engage in cryptocurrency exchanges face is the public acceptance of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The obstacle makes cryptocurrency difficult to use. Bela is engineering a platform that will make using cryptocurrency as simple as possible. Bela is organizing a team of developers with one objective, making Bela as easy as possible.

What is Bela?

Bela is a digital currency meant to make using cryptocurrency as easy to use as possible. Users can use Bela to acquire goods and services and easily handle in-app payments. The cryptocurrency token currency has real-world application in form of chase games. The Bela team plans to integrate the currency into its future projects like the photo sharing App, BelaCam. Bela will use the Bela coin to pay users when other people like their photo uploads. The Platform is still under development.

Bela roadmap

Bela is in the process of overhauling Bela Source Code. The Rollout of the Overhaul will be in the fourth quarter of 2017. The network also plans to develop SegWit. SegWit will clean all unnecessary information from Bela transactions. The process will allow the network to handle 4x more transaction at a time. The plan will be rolled out in the 1st quarter of 2018. Another feature that is under development is the lightning network. The lightening network allows for nearly instant Bela transactions. The plan will also be rolled out in 2018.

What you need to know about Bela

Real life uses: Bela team is building uses for Bela, which will include the likes of new mining software, payment processors and/or a cryptocurrency-based payroll system.

Maintain Bela’s source code: After the overhaul of the Beal source Code, Live Bela LLC will be responsible for actively, updating, maintaining and keeping the Bela source code secure.

Legally compliant: The Bela LLC is legal. It is registered with the US Government and has the Delaware LLC file number: #6507095.

Actively funded: After the first source code overhaul is complete, a small percentage of Beal block rewards will be given to the Live Bela team. The reward will support further development of the Bela network.

Bela token and Price

Bela token (BELA) is the token used if you want services and for payments on the network. Currently, Beal is available at the Polonix exchange alone. The price of one BELA is 0.00006889. The token is a cryptocurrency token and does not represent any revenue or equity rights to any company that Bela uses or to Live Bela.


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