What is Bee Token?

Bee Token (BEE)

Bee is an Ethereum based platform that includes Beenest and the Bee protocol. The ecosystem is being developed by former employees of Facebook, Uber, Google, and Civic who are reimagining the sharing economy and wants to make it big. What does the Products stand for?

Beenest: Beenest is a home sharing platform that can be used by hosts to list their homes and guest to find accommodations. Users of the platform get rewarded with network incentives, transaction, commission-free transaction and security unrivaled in the sharing industry.

Bee Protocols: the Bee Protocols are a set of smart contracts that provide developers with needed tools to rapidly launch new decentralized applications. The developers can expert faster development cycles, an existing user base and reduce integration costs by utilizing industry proven Bee Protocols.

Benefits of Bee ecosystem

  • Aligned incentives: tokens are distributed through the ICO and presale which are aligned with incentives
  • 0% commissions: the Bee platform is a decentralized platform that eliminates the need for using a middleman. You can access your transactions and perform other things all by yourself.
  • Trust: the platform allows for transparent practices with immutable feedback.
  • Security: users get the change to enjoy bank-level security through the use of blockchain technology.

The BEE token

The BEE token is the only token that fuels the Bee protocols and the ecosystem. The token will be used for all transactions and exchanges on the platform. Once you figure out if you want to be a host to list your homes or a guest to find accommodation, you will need to use the Bee tokens as the only means of payment on the platform.


The Bee ecosystem roadmap is as follows:

  • Q3 and 4 2017: private Alpha on Testnet and the whitepaper were completed
  • Q1 and 2 2018: Beenest Alpha will be live in SF and the Bee protocols will be launched on Testnet.
  • Q3 and 4 2018: the launch of Bee Protocols on Mainnet and Onboard 2-5 dApps on Bee protocol will be available.
  • 2019: the expansion of Bee ecosystem to 5 US cities and onboard 5-20 dApps on bee protocol will be launched.

Other projects on the ecosystem will take place in 2012 and beyond.

Token supply

Bee ecosystem plans for a total supply of 500 million Bee token. The target for public sale if $15 million. 25% of the tokens goes to company reserve, 30%, token distribution, 15% team and advisors and 30% community reserve.

Project is no longer live

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