What is Bata?

Bata (BTA)


There are not many blockchain based or Ethereum based platform that helps in building a new system that breaks away from the current system of debt-based money. One of the free blockchain based platforms is the Bata, Bata is a blockchain based platform with a vision of creating a new system of commerce. The new system will help in creating new jobs for an information-based economy and on the other hand help break away from the current debt based money system. Bata uses its BTA token as a currency that replaces trade dollars in the traditional barter systems. The aim of Bata is to change the way people trade by introducing barter on the blockchain.


Bata is different from other cryptocurrencies is not like any of them is several ways starting with its features. Some of its features include:


Users of the Bata platform can send transaction globally. The network spans across the whole world and its growing daily.


We all need a secure platform to perform transactions globally. Bata offers exactly that. All transactions are secured by cryptography. No one is allowed to charge money or make payments on behalf of someone else on the platform.


Instant is another feature that makes Bata network stand out from the cloud. Users can receive and send money instantly using their mobile wallets. Downloading and using the desktop wallets are almost instant too.


Bata has developed and integrated the world’s first bitcoin firewall into 10.4 intelligent network protection.

Low Fees

Bata offers a much lower fee than credit cards, banks, and other payment methods. Sometimes transactions are even made for free on the platform.

Peer to Peer

The issuing of Bata is carried out collectively. There are no control authorities or banks that manage transactions and other operations on the platform.

Bata wallets

Bata coins BTA can be securely stored in a Bata wallet. The Bata wallets are available for tablets, laptops, computer, and smartphones. Depending on the device you are using, you can download a Bata wallet that is compatible with your device and use it to store Bata coins. Bata makes it possible for users to transfer value anywhere in the world using Bata wallet. The wallet is secured and allow people to control their money in an easy way. Bata network is known for its High levels of privacy and security, but only if the wallets are used correctly.



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