What is Basic Attention Token?

Basic Attention Token (BAT)



Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency token. It functioned as an exchange between users, advertisers and publishers. It is based on a blockchain. In order words, means it is a decentralized cryptocurrency. BAT tokens can be used to obtain a variety of attention-based services and advertisements. The use of the token will be based on the attention of the user , which means the level of the person’s focused mental involvement. BAT developers consist of well-known and well-known tech world personalities. The founder is no other than the creator of the JavaScript language, who also participated in the creation of Mozilla and Brave browsers. BAT developers also have high profiles and experience in the field of blockchain technology.

How BAT works?

BAT is basically a form of digital currency. It can function as a new online advertising exchange that is directly linked to Brave – the name of a browser. By that time, the tokens will not be limited to the Brave Browse only. According to the developers, they are planning to expand the ecosystem that will open up for other developers to start using BATS

BAT Token Video Explanation 

The BAT token will be equal to some quantitative representation of the different ads to be presented to users. After creating a system, the Brave team will not allow other trackers to watch and see your presence on the internet. For example, if you watch some ads, you will be rewarded with BAT tokens. Moreover your presence on the internet, in other words is anonymous. The number of rewards will be based on the level of your attention, also referred to as “user attention.”

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