What is Bankcoin?

Bankcoin (B@)


As the world market is showing signals of growth in the cryptocurrency where financial brands and commercial brands are starting to test the concept, people are facing slow payments methods and other issues when using the blockchain technology. Bankcoin.global is a new digital asset and cryptocurrency with a new concept of the internet cloud. With highest security standards, Bankcoin is a very intuitive platform that allows all those who sign for the platform to have a nice navigation experience of the platform.

The Bankcoin has developed products based on the necessities of users. The goods and services are well attended using cryptocurrency represent a great market opportunity. The e-commerce, developing a platform that users can enjoy the following attributes

  • Scalability
  • Focus on client
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Easy to use
  • Integration with other business

Bankcoin.global is a platform where people can store their money. Some of the services that are available now and in the future on the platform include:

Cryptocurrency exchange: the platform is an exchange, transfer, and reception of electronic coins.

Cryptocurrency: Bankcoin.global coins in various denominations. The currency symbol of the cryptocurrency is email protected.

E-ATM: the specialized ATM system is being developed to provide more services than other services offered by the exchange platforms.

[Email protected] Debit card: this debit card is an international debit card that will be accepted worldwide and used at any ATM

[Email protected] Shop: users can use an email protected card to purchase products and services through the Bankcoin.global store.

Point of sale: Bankcoin.global is convinced that e-commerce will continue to grow and they are planning to take that into their advantage for the future payments and transfers.

Network plug

The platform provides an interconnected platform for new application ideas, video games, and services. Some of the services will be available on the platform after the second phase. They plan to also interconnect the platform with the traditional banking system and the third phase will be developing the point of sale software for business.

Bankcoin values

Bankcoin is a competitive and solid presence in the international market. Based on the use of electronic currencies, the brand has essential values such as:

  • Professionalism
  • Security
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Responsibility

Bankcoin.global is an exchange of electronic currencies where you will be able to exchange, acquire and transfer Bankcoins. The Bankcoins are known as the [email protected]. The high-security electronic money [email protected] can be to purchase goods and services.

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