What is B2BX?

B2BX (B2B)



B2BX is a cryptocurrency exchange with an aim of being the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Found on B2BX.pro, B2BX is powered the B2Broker. The exchange is an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity for marginal trading. It helps in trading with physical delivery and distribution of liquidity to brokerage companies. The team behind B2BX is planning the make the exchange marketplace or aggregator official in which they will connect at least a percentage of the market of stockbrokers and Forex/DMA and offer them an opportunity to provide their clients with the trading opportunity in cryptocurrencies.

How does B2BX work?

Basically, the B2BX provide an exchange platform for brokerage companies. The company’s goal is to create a B2B cryptocurrency exchange marketplace and connect stock brokers and Forex/DMA. It focuses exclusively on institutional clients which include cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto brokers, stock exchanges and forex brokers among other professional market participants. To accomplish their goals, it plans to integrate some of the popular trading platforms available today, the platforms include Metatrade, C-trader, and PrimeXM among others.

B2BX features

Marginal trading

B2BX is right now using a company with VFSC to aggregate and distribute liquidity. It also plans to allow customers to connect to their marketplace and access liquidity from all over the world by signing up for various licenses, including FCA (UK), CySEC (Cyprus) and ASIC (Australia).

Physical delivery Exchange

B2BX plans to use the Japanese license to carry out trades. Under the regulatory system, Japanese companies can use ETH and BTC for mutual operations with each other. People will have to acquire a license to conduct any kind of cryptocurrency operations and fro exchanges.

Exchanging cryptocurrencies

For institutional clients to exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies, they can use the B2BX platform under the jurisdiction of Singapore.

B2BX Token

The B2BX token is an ERC2O Compliant token built on the Ethereum blockchain. A minimum of 40 million tokens is made available during the crowdsale. 5 million tokens are reserved for the company when 4 million goes to the team and 1 million to the bounty program. This means a total of 50 million tokens are provided during the crowdsale.

The team behind B2BX

According to the official website, the B2BX team comprises of 35 highly qualified specialists. They are located in three different countries. Key members of the team include CEO and founder Artur Azizov, Evgeniya Mykuiyak, COO, Olga Tkachenck, CFO and Vlad Posivenko CTO.

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