What is Aventus?

Aventus (AVT)


Aventus (AVT)is a B2B ticketing software infrastructure. It uses artificial intelligence and blockchain to solve various problems that the ticketing industry has been experiencing. Moreover, the project focuses on ticket sale and resale. The team behind the infrastructure is building an open-source standard from the ticketing industry. Also, the standards will let ticketing companies and vendors focus on core value prepositions. As a result, it will increase growth and revenue. AVT will also control the entire lifestyle of your tickets in a flexible and modular manner using an open-sourced blockchain-based system.

What are the benefits of using AVT?

New revenue streams

By using the Aventus software infrastructure, vendors and companies will benefit from the whole new revenue stream that project derives. The new revenue streams include secondary ticketing markets, which increase your revenue.

Reach a wide audience

Aventus offer you the opportunity of reaching a wider audience, which means no empty seats during events. The software infrastructure opens up your ticketing inventory to new sales and lets anyone sell your tickers frictionless and according to your rules.

No fraud

Aventus proprietary blockchain-based protocol reduces black market activities and leaves no space for fraud.

Standardized buying process

With reduce consumer confusion, Aventus helps people to buy tickets from where they want at any time.

Reduced prices

Aventus has a light-weight, modular, blockchain-based protocol that helps in reducing the cost of process on the platform by up to 90%.

What features does Aventus offer?


Aventus offer IMS a platform for promoters and ticketing companies that enable data analytics, reporting, and centralized control and distribution tools for ticketing inventory. IMS is currently in beta.

Blockchain as persistence

A REST API allows ticketing companies with a payment gateway to replicate tickets to store tickets and other associated logic on the Blockchain. It also controls the secondary market, derive revenue, set price caps or stop all forms of resale and touting altogether.

Data analytics

Aventus is building tools that will be used for analyzing large data to provide campaign-based reporting and insight for promoters and ticketing companies. The data analytics tool is largely in alpha.

Aventus core team members

Aventus is directed by Alan Vey Annika Monari who are also the cofounders. The chief technology officer is Andy Grant, Daniel masters, general advisor, Professor William Knottenbelt, technical advisor and Professor Mike Waterson the Industry and Economic Advisor among other team members. Recently Aventus announced the release of a new landing page and AVT.  AVT is Aventus utility token.

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