What is ATMChain?

ATMChain (ATM)


ATMChain (ATM ) is a leading decentralized, digitized smart media platform. The platform is a blockchain-based platform catered towards media advertising industry. The platform users can access movies, information, social networking features and other third-party application through APIs. ATM plans to integrate more offline features in the futures in its bid to make the platform world’s leading digitalized smart media platform. The ATMChain is defined as an anonymous and safe trading system where users can access free advertising features. The platform is a combination of a blockchain network as well as an advertising distribution channel.

ATMChain roadmap

The ATMChain network wants to achieve all its process in four phases. The four phases are marked as milestones on the platform website and they are:

Milestone 1

The first milestone includes:

  • Advertising contract based on DECENT and others
  • Creating a wallet subsystem that supports ATM token transaction
  • Advertising subsystem with a complete QR code manage and one that supports the API.
  • Closed-loop to token transfer by APP.

Milestone 2

  • The second milestone includes:
  • Integration with physical media
  • Data privacy protection and AI analysis mobile
  • Advertising subsystem with full function of content management and distribution
  • Advanced research for IoT data collection and processing.

Milestone 3

Milestone three has three sections that will help make the ATMChain great. The milestone supports:

  • Raiden network
  • Information subsystem of self-Media creation, media and news aggregations and ATM token reward system.
  • Integration with video, audio, and other IoT sensors

Milestone 4

Milestone 4 supports

  • More business scenarios
  • More subsystems such as social networking subsystems and ticketing subsystems
  • Porting APPs or self-developed public blockchain
  • Self-developed public blockchain.

How does the ATMChain work?

The ATMChain revolves around advertising and nemesis. The ecosystem developers have designed the ecosystem in a manner that makes it a safe, anonymous trading system. It revolves around other three parties that are advertising, customers, and merchants. The ecosystem involves the ATMChain blockchain, the ATMChain App, and the open ATMChain platform. In total it carters for advertising users, website developers, advertising publishers, digital currency and other parties. Some of the benefits users can get include:

  • Protecting their personal privacy and security,
  • Receive paid rewards when viewing ads
  • Boost profits and increase high-quality user report
  • Reduce advertising cheating
  • Enjoy lower cost, transparent fund flow, and accurate advertising.
  • The team behind ATMChain

The ATMChain is a product of DECENT. Key developers include Lekko Liu, Chief Information Officer, Kevin Yan, chief architect, JiaHui Fang, COO and Xin Wang, Principal Researcher.

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