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Real estate is one of the most inefficient and the largest asset class in the world. With all the inefficiency, ATLANT (ATL) platform is built and next-generation blockchain based technology that is a global real-estate platform. By believing that the blockchain technology has the potential to accelerate the adoption of the sharing Economy, ATLANT plans to change real estate ownerships transfers and transition by tokenization of property and opening up significant amounts of previously untapped private capacity.  With a tamper-proof system that is secure and based on the blockchain, user and trade on the platform and bypass intermediaries in transacting peer to peer, and rental deals.

What does ATL address?

ATLANT addresses two most pertinent problems in the real estate world. Aside from offering a secure platform, ATLANT addresses the tokenized ownership and Global P2P rentals. How do they these problems? First, the Tokenized Ownership makes a listing of real estate tokens transparent and orderly market with price discovery, the listing represents shares in individual real estate assets and liquid trading.

The P2P rental on the other hand significantly reduced the fee for tenants and lessors and minimize fake reviews and forged rating on an asset. These are some of the problems that plague the centralized services like booking and Airbnb but ATLANT addresses them. It addresses both the long-term and short-term real estate markets by using decentralized conflict resolution. The platform eliminates various middlemen, lowering fees in the real estate markets and ensuring that listings and reviews are honest.

ATL features

ATLANT offer users features that help in making things easier for both them and its users. They have special features that fit the user’s bill and help with ease of use of the platform. Some of the features found on the platform include assurance where ownership or rental agreements are guaranteed and provides a tamper-proof decentralized store of records. Price discovery, accessibility, liquidity, low fees, and immutability are the other benefits that ATLANT platform offers.

ATLAN’s objectives, land register, and real estate property are fully blockchain-compliant. It has partnered with governmental jurisdictions in order to buy, sell and make transactions of tokenized real estate asset units feasible worldwide. With the new integration of the ATLANT platform with blockchain-based governmental registries, ATLANT has significantly expanded the size of the already vast real estate global market.

While the blockchain technology is expanding, a complete decentralized ledger of global property does not happen overnight. ATLANT is taking the lead role is the facets of real estate globally and turning it into reality.

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