What is Aterious?


Aterious is a fiat, cryptos and precious metals B2B platform that claims to be the future of business. The developers of the platform claim that the platform is the first peer to peer autonomous private and secure AI network that uses an autonomous conflict resolution algorithm. Aterious is a firm that is dedicated to promoting, offering and integrating Aterious platform to corporation or individuals who want to make a significant improvement of their business structure by taking advantage of the technology and surpass their competitors.

Aterious also act as a decentralized bridge network between the international trading global market and the blockchain. The bridge network is projected to grow into one of the biggest and most powerful trading tool networks worldwide.

Aterious features

What makes the Aterious platform different from ordinary platforms on the Ethereum blockchain is its features. Some of these features include:

Market connector

Aterious autonomous artificial intelligence software allows businesses, individuals and AI to do P2P trades using the digital crypto money, fiat currencies, and precious metal.

Decentralized autonomous AI network

This feature enables Aterious to use a new platform pattern recognition with a combination of c++ network technologies. Aterious team is focusing on real p2p decentralized autonomous environment

Blockchain science

Aterious is currently focused on researching and innovate new solutions in the blockchain as well as in the hardware that powers the blockchain.

Aterious token

Ultimately, Aterious aim at creating a decentralized platform capable of global expansion. The platform vision is crowd funded. Which means the platform token is distributed to everyone worldwide to promote a truly decentralized network. The decentralization is a big focus for the platform that is why their token is listed on all major exchanges worldwide. The exchanges include Bittrex, Poloniex, Livecoin, Bitcoin exchange Thailand, Indonesia, Israel and BitX South Africa among other exchanges. With the token listed on all major exchanges, the platform will try to achieve a true decentralized token network.

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Who is behind it?

The Aterious platform developer is listed as “Aterious B2B”. The company offers limited information about its team members, but it has a Facebook and Twitter page they use to offer information to the public. All other information can be found on their whitepaper and platform that is available online.

Aterious offer people around the world the opportunity to be part of the first autonomous P2P decentralized agreement trading platform. The platform is going to position itself on a 20 trillion dollar market and allows people to be part of the trading platform.

Project is no longer live

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