What is ATBCoin?



ATB Coin is a blockchain based cryptocurrency designed to offer users a secure, blazing fast and near zero cost payments in the cryptocurrency world and the blockchain industry. The coin is designed to overcome the inefficiencies within other cryptocurrencies and the government central banks. ATB Coin believes that everyone should have the opportunity to initiate transactions that are private, secure and anonymous. The reason the platform contains proven innovation that other cryptocurrencies lack.

ATB Coin features

The Segregated Witness

With the Segregated Witness or SegWit, ATB Coin can optimize the size of the transaction to allow combined multiple transactions into one block. With this feature, traditional bottlenecks such as block overflow, network scalability, commission reduction and transaction speed are revolutionized. The Coin increase the efficiency of the block without having the need to increase the block size.

Offline codes

Offline codes are used to promote the business model where users are allowed to purchase virtual goods online. Offline stimulates more productive discussion and good behaviors in social networks and online forums. The feature is even more prominent for non-profit organizations. The transactions are private and fully transparent and the fees are small.

Cloud mining

Cloud mining is the easy and smart way to invest your money on cryptocurrency platforms. ATB Coin uses the cloud mining as a group-based cryptocurrency clearing that frees users from the cost of round-the-clock-control, electricity, software and other costs associated with classic mining. Cloud mining gives user’s opportunities to earn money on the cryptocurrency and extract coin without having to stay online or on your computer 24/7.

Lightning network

Lightning network optimizes the block-network. The transactions speed increases and the commission size is minimized. The Lightning network is a useful feature attached to it including the multi-signature operation mode. The Lightning network generates two private keys in the cryptocurrency scheme. The feature is essential for startups and other businesses.

Smart contracts

The smart contract describes a set of conditions. The feature is an electronic algorithm that allows implementation of conditions that entails real life events. Blockchain-based mechanisms are taking over meaning the smart contracts help to evolve traditional contracts into cryptographic solutions.

The use of ATB Coin

The ATB Coin can be used for different services and exchanges. It can be used as a payment currency for goods and services, transfer between currency pairs and users can buy or exchanges ATB Coins and various exchange platforms.

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