What Is Asch ?

Asch (XAS)


Blockchain ICO is the new way that investors and startups are using to raise funds for their investment and businesses. Moreover, blockchain ICO breaks the boundaries between the primary and the secondary market. It is the easiest way for startups and medium business to raise funds for their businesses. One type of blockchain ICO is the Asch. What is Asch and why should you consider using it?

What is XAS?

Asch (XAS)  as a decentralized application platform. It used by small and medium investors and enterprises to raise funds for their business. It provides the public with the main chain and a suit of an application called SDK. Using SDK, anyone can independently complete a blockchain application. The application development based on the SDK is used to transfer property by the trans-chain protocol. Asch solves two problems, Coupling and flexibility.

Flexibility is the reason why Asch is in the blockchain industry. The transaction through the blockchain industry is very slow. The situation will increase by adding more shards and nodes. With any distributed software the performance is reflected in two aspects, the writer performance, and the read performance. XAS is the main chain and the application chain that are independent of each other. Every independent chain is not scalable, but scalability is possible once a new chain is adding to the existing chain.

Since all applications on Asch are on an Independent application chain, the coupling mechanism between the main chain and the application chain is not so tight. Because of this fact and the fact that application chains are independent, users and developers can benefit from:

  • The applications do not occupy the storage and computing resources and the limited and valuable bandwidth.
  • Errors and defects cannot be spread to other applications or the main chain.
  • The transaction fee is specified by an individual application. There is no need for users to worry about the cost.

Recently Asch system completed the 1.3 version update. The update of their system will achieve the function of the cross-chain transaction. The founder of Asch, Qingfeng Shan signed the Blockchain ICO Snadbox Plan and indicated that the whole Asch team approved and supported regulatory and supervisory of ICO market.  Now the Asch application is easy to upgrade. It does not require a chain code. Currently, the chain code mechanism preferred by other systems is not suitable for developing large service logic. So Asch upgrades give everyone a better option.

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