What is Arna?



ARNA is a blockchain based ecosystem that focuses on the medical research community. It is divided into two sections, the ARNA genomics(AG), and ARNA panacea(AP). Lastly, what is the difference between the two and how do the ARNA ecosystem works as a whole?

What are ARNA Genomics and ARNA PANACEA?

Arna Genomics is a blockchain technology. It focuses on offering high-precision tests for early detection of breast cancer. AG can be described as an innovative biotechnological company’s engaged in R&D. Nevertheless, the R&D helps in detection of cancer using a blockchain based-ecosystem AP. In addition, the AG is the first developed products for early detection of breast cancer to a global market.

Meanwhile, AP is a different product from AG. ARNA Panacea is a Biotech decentralized solution that is powered by it tokens and the blockchain. AP is a platform that allows processing of clinical trials data and support for researchers during R&D phase. It is also a marketplace for all types on the market involved in clinical trials and direct sales of final biotech products to patients or customers. To be able to successfully differentiate the two, AP is a blockchain platform made by the ARNA Company while the AG is the company itself. AG has developed tests for early detection of breast cancer.

Arna Genomics Video Explanation


There is a lot going on with the ARNA and AP. Some of the proposed features of the ARNS technology and the AP include:

Big data: the ecosystem provides access to an accumulated array of information through its open interface. The API interface feature in itself allows users to analyze available data on the platform.

Proof of Research: It stores data that can be the basis of evidence. It’s an immutable type of proof of research source that offers data as a basis of evidence.

Protected Research: users have the ability to conduct research using a secure format using the encrypted keys on the it blockchain.

Smart Blockchain: they use the smart blockchain to connect and AI to search for patterns, allowing development of new cancer treatments.

ARNA token: the tokens can be used by researchers, patients, regulator, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and CROs within the Ecosystem.

Who are behind the ARNA ECOSYSTEM?

Egor Melnikov is the Founder and the CEO of the company. In addition other key members include George Nikitan co-founder and COO and Anatoliy Melinikov also the co-founder and head of R&D. He is also the creator of the project tests.

Detailed Video Explanation

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