What is Ark?




Ark is a form of digital cryptocurrency. It provides its users creative, innovative, and useful use cases. Through the development and integration of technologies that empower the blockchain universe. It is a highly adaptable, flexible, and a secure platform. ARK promises to deliver high-quality services that every consumer will want and every developer will need.

How ARK works?

It uses a SmartBridge. In which creates bridges to other blockchains. It includes other cryptocurrencies that are using the blockchain technology. For example, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Lisk (LSK) are included, but not limited to.

Moreover, the project opens a community referred to the “ARK Community “. It is a group of talented individuals who are being united to collaborate and share the development of the ARK ecosystem. ARK also created physical card system that allows ARK users to transfer equipment to other people without having to use any traditional bank accounts.


According to the developers, they can verify and complete transactions fast within 8-second block times. The second fact about this digital currency is that it is decentralized. Such as, the control is in the people. They also provide a voting system. For example, users can vote if they are in favor of a particular development for the network.

They use SmartBridge that helps well-known blockchain technologies to connect with each other. The developers of the cryptocurrency claim that the project is highly sustainable, which means that it will be able to provide stable fund throughout the development. They have also created a program called the ARKShield, which aims to provide an extra protection layer to ARK.

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