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Ardor (ARDR)


Ardor (ARDR) is a blockchain platform that allows users to utilize the blockchain technology is a bid to create child chains and use them. Child chain creators don’t have to worry since the Ardor main chain secure the platform to deal with insecurity and secure the platform from issues that other blockchains faces. To create a child chain on the Ardor main chain users can utilize features such as decentralized trading, voting, and phasing as well as interact freely with already existing child chains on the platform. The child chains include IGNIS, which was the first child chain to be launched.

Ardor main chain and its features

Ardor main chain is different from the child chains that can be created on the Ardor main chain. The Main chain is where all the ARDR token reside since the blockchain is secure. The main chain platform offer transaction, such as exchanging ARDR coin from one account to another, and also it’s the place where users can build child chains. The main chain is 100% proof-of-Stake and no additional processing is needed for mining. Some of the features that make Ardor main chain special includes:


Data transactions on the child chain are pruned to make the number of child chains independent.


The blockchain was built by Jelurida, a core development team of Nxt. Jelurida has years of proven security and stability


All transactions on child chains on the ARDR main chain are processed with 1 minute or less.

How to create an Ardor child chain

To create an ARDR child chain, you need to use as many features as possible. The features are available on ARDR main chain. Creating an ardor child chain means you can utilize the advanced blockchain for your organization, independent project, group or business.

ARDR token

Ardor uses its native ARDR token for services and exchanges on the platform. Child chain transaction fees use the native token, but exchanges of the tokens only happen in the main chain. Users of child chains don’t have to have ADR to participate and transaction.

What feature will child chain utilize?

All child chains will be able to utilize aliasing, data Cloud, account control, secure messaging, monetary system, voting, plugins, coin shuffle and marketplace features found in the main chain. The ardor main chain is incorporated with an ardor Testnet that is open to everyone. The purpose of the Testnet is the allow users the test various features on the main chain to fine-tune the blockchain platform.

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