What is Arcade Token?

Arcade City (ARC)


The sharing economy is evolving fast. For many years the shared economy was dominated by a few people. They are glorified by middlemen. However, soon the sharing economy will be shaped by decentralized marketplaces operated by participants themselves. It will be truly a peer-to-peer transaction. Arcade city is changing the way sharing economy is shared. Arcade City is a rideshare marketplace of today. It is a driver-owned ridesharing startup where riders can connect directly with drivers using the blockchain technology. Arcade city is a mobile application for Google Android devices and Apple iOS.

What makes Arcade City different?

The ridesharing startup arcade city was launched in a direct response to rate cuts by Lyft and Uber. The founder of Arcade City founder is a former uber driver, Christopher David. The business model of arcade city differs from the likes of Uber and Lyft. The riders who use arcade City are able to review drivers’ profiles before choosing their rides. The services for drivers extend to roadside assistance and deliveries. They are beyond the ridesharing service.

Arcade City platform uses the blockchain technology via the Ethereum platform. The platform will allow drivers to own 100% of Arcade City by the year 2010. The Ethereum based platform is chosen over the bitcoin as the platform is more suitable for the P2P interactions. The Ethereum based technology also revealed that drivers from other countries like Sweden, Mexico, and Canada will join the United States and Australia with the platform launching. Furthermore, nearly half of the driver in Arcade City rides on a pay what you think is a fair basis.

The benefits of using Arcade City

The people who use Arcade City are set to benefit from different benefits offered by the platform. Right now the Arcade City model allows drivers to:

  • Set their rates
  • Negotiate and transact with riders directly
  • Build direct a relationship with their clients for a recurring and stable customer base
  • Self-organize into their business or into ‘pods’ or co-ops.

Arcade City has been working in Austin and drivers claim they have earned more than their uber counterparts.

Arcade City Video Explanation 

How to qualify for Arcade City

Arcade City has specifications for anybody who wants to join them. The specifications they seek are:

  • Driver-entrepreneurs must be willing to take a leading role in organizing their Arcade City rideshare.
  • Developers will build tools to serve the drivers-entrepreneurs.
  • Strategic partners will help to define the next evolution of the sharing economy.



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