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Aragon (ANT) is focusing on DAO, which is a decentralized autonomous organization. It aims to make agencies that are not under by any authority to become highly efficient. According to ANT developers, they believe that decentralized organizations will help in solving the world’s worst problems that is one of the reasons why they have built Aragon.


How ANT works?


Aragon lets its users manage an entire organization with the use of the blockchain. This crypto currency's  developers have further added that compared to traditional counterparties, ANT makes more organizations more efficient through making it possible for every ANT users to organize and to enable a permissionless and borderless creation of value, which will be represented in what they call the ANT tokens.


Facts about Aragon


There are over 50,000+ readers that comment and share their blogs every minute. ANT currently accommodates its 2,300+ of community members and 2000+ of test organizations. With ANT, you will be able to become a part of the conversation without any intermediaries and borders, and at the same, you are creating value by being awarded some Aragon coins.

Aragon video explanation

The Aragon Network


The ANT Network (AN) is the very first DAO, which aims to act as a digital jurisdiction, which means that it has the power to make organizations extremely friendly and easy to operate. Their developers claim that Entrepreneurs, investors, and agencies will find this crypto quite useful.


ANT organization will be able to solve personal disputes with the use of a decentralized court system. It will make discussion and agreements seamlessly upgraded. They have their tokens that have its function, which is to give value to their community users.


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