What is Aphelion (APH)?

Aphelion (APH)



Smart contracts, distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are all disrupting industries. Many platform and cryptocurrencies such and NEO, Bitcoin, and Ether have emerged since the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency came into existence. Another platform that included in the list is the Aphelion. Found online at aphelion.org, Aphelion and a revolutionary peer to peer trading platform that is powered on NEO. The aim of the platform is to bring a wallet based P2P trading experience to all its users and to traders across the world.

The Aphelion solutions

The Aphelion solutions provide every user with the ability to trade in a decentralized and trustless environment. The distribution exchange asset ledger In the Aphelion platform and DApp eliminates central authority or 3rd party. The platform ends frozen funds, high fees, hijacked tokens, locked trades, and delays that people experience when using other kinds of blockchain based and cryptocurrency platform. As the official website states, the platform has “initiated trades are done directly on-chain or cross-chain and directly between users with terms they set, accept and complete themselves”

How it works?

Aphelion uses the APH token as the primary token of the platform. The APH token is used as the escrow device storing via the smart contract technology. This device facilitates the trading and an amount of APH is required for the completion of the transaction. The use of smart contracts makes it easy for users and open source to serve the store and to complete trades. As a bonus to the token holder, APHs are required and can be spent during the exchange.

The features

Borderless: Aphelion allows universal cross-border and near instant trading on the platform.

Decentralized: no third party or control authority on the platform. It is a P2P trading platform.

Trustless: users grow their own portfolio on-chain and cross-chain using the smart contract technology.

Desktop wallet

The platform recently introduced its new desktop wallet with ledger support. The wallet showcases an easy to use user interface, customizable address book, real-time trading chart data and complete Nep5 token integration. The team behind the platform is planning for future updates of the decentralized exchange and groundbreaking Aphelion DEX.


The member of the team includes Chris Mitchell, Adi Benari, Andrew Morell, Aaron Levin, Matt Brozovich, Colan Sewell, Joshua Finkleman, Jeff Solinsky, Gareth Pendlebury-Brown, Astrid Baldissera Natalie Wilcox, Eric Liss, Joe Debuzna, James Hollister, Ian Holtz and mike Jaltuch among others.

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