What is Anryze?

Anryze (RYZ)



Anryze distributed network is the world, first ever decentralized speech recognition platform with an aim of providing a full-text transcription of the calls. Powered by the blockchain technology and the Artificial Intelligence, it is catered to corporate users and people who want to manage compliance and risks. The platform not only wants to provide better quality on fewer costs, but it also wants to provide compensations to CPU holders. Anyone can rent out computing power to the network and get paid using tokens with they can later change for fiat currency.

Anryze features

The key feature of Anryze platform includes:

Powerful analytics: you can gain key insights into the calling activity with a productivity score, customer reports, and recommendations.

Timesaver: users can check conversations between managers and clients in minutes. The platform provides a cautionary point right away.

Easy access and install: The Anryze demo is available online. You can download and install all the features and the software in less than 20 minutes. Then again, you can gain immediate access to analytics and call data instantly after the installation. The software is available online through Anryze.com for cell phones and landlines.

Multiple statistics and analytics: Anryze offer phrase and keyword spotting, keyword extraction, topic generation, recommendations, emotional analysis, reports, full-text transaction, and other valuable statistical/analytics tools. Overall, the platform provides secure and encrypted calling, full calling analytics and a blockchain-protected data.

Anryze pricing and token sale

Anryze distributed network will raise up to $3M through their token sale. The tokens will be used for marketing, team expending and development. The platform uses the blockchain to distribute profits, thus 70% of the income will go to miners (CPU Holders) 20% to investors (token holders) and the other 10% is for the company’s fee. Anryze has not released its pricing details.

Who is behind Anryze?

Anryze distributed network is based in the US.  The company has recently passed the acceleration program at NYC-based Starta Accelerators. It is founded and led by CEO and founder Anton Gera, founder and CMO Mike Ezhov, and CTO and founder Oleg Zaychuk. The company has its headquarters in, 33 W 17th street in New York City.

How the platform works

The common way that Anryze platform works is that it recognized speech by taking the waveform, split it into utterances and try to recognize what is being said in the utterance. It also takes all possible combinations of words, matches them with audio and chooses the best matching combination.



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