What is Ammbr?




Nowadays most people use the internet to gain access to almost every service and information they need. The Internet is used everywhere and can be accessed everywhere by the use of WIFI. Now it’s even easier to share internet with your neighbors and the community by using Ammbr. Ammbr is a blockchain based platform that allows people to share WIFI with the community and their neighbors and earn tokens. With an Ammbr, people can trade bandwidth in an autonomous marketplace 24/7.

How does Ammbr work?

Ammbr involves trading connectivity with the people walking by or your neighbors. Before sharing connectivity, you need to run an Ammbr device so that you can earn tokens when someone accesses your connection. The Ammbr device has a WI-FI base with an IOT module. The device offers high frequency, point to multipoint capabilities and high speeds once it is used.  The device has a blockchain mobile for CPU, storage, and memory. The Ammbr device is the company’s smart wireless router.

What the Ammbr innovative technology consists of

The Ammbr innovative technology consists of three important features. They are:

  • Full spectrum, mesh semiconductor: this feature increases your Wi-Fi access point range at the same time providing built-in support for the multitude spectrum and protocols.
  • Proof of Velocity semiconductor: the Proof of velocity semiconductor securely underpins the blockchain that caries Ammbr marketplace and economy in a chip. It is also used in mobile applications.
  • 6 point bean forming Wi-Fi antenna: the feature optimizes your connection by beam forming that concentrates signal power in a precise direction. The process increases your Connection throughput and range.

The Ammbr token and token sale

The Ammbr token is an ERC20 compliant token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ammbr’s token sale begins on 1st September 2017. 60% of the total token supply will be realized and the value of one token is $0.10. The token symbol is AMMBR. During the beginnings of the sale, 30% of the token will be available as bonuses. The remaining tokens will be given to the founders (10%), early backers (10%) and another percentage will be saved for future development.

Ammbr team

Benny pang and Derick Smith are the people leading Ammbr and the team behind Ammbr. Pang runs his own firm. Previously, he used to be the chief counsel at Tencent holdings limited. Smith, on the other hand, is an IT and business generalist and currently serves as the CEO of two other digital identity companies.



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