What is Amical?

Amical (AMI)



The world is moving in the direction where important aspects of life will be connected to the digital world. There are examples of assets that are already in the digital world like buying iTunes, a Kindle eBook poor licensed copy of Microsoft office is bought online. With the world going fully digital. There is need of a platform that can help with registration, tracking and trading digital assets. Amical is one of those platforms. Amical is building a digital asset blockchain that will change the way people interact and use their digital assets. It provides a way to register, track and trade your digital assets.

Amical makes assets smart

Amical makes “smart assets” that are available for everyone who wants to access them. The platform is developing a technology that makes it easy for consumers to manage digital asserts on popular platforms, including the desktop environment, iOS, and Android. The multi-platform smart asset management system is pivotal in the creation of new digital asset markets globally. The system provides security, reliability, accessibility, and traceability. The Amical is building a digital asset ledger that allows:

  • Simple digital asset registration
  • Smart assets immutable asset history
  • Client-side encryption

Amical ecosystem also allows asset creative. Buyers and holder of the Amical token ago have all the confidence that the assets are authentic and provenance of the asset in unambiguous and clear. It creates a new centralized marketplace for all digital assets.

Amical features

In-game assets

Amical has in-game assets such as badges, mods, game skins and much more. The market size of the in-game assets is estimated to be over $15 billion and it’s still growing. The increasing adoption of AR and VR markets promises acceleration for digital assets on Amical ecosystem.


The ecosystem also has a non-game market from digital assets. The estimate of a non-game market if over $2.4 billion and is projected to increase to over 5.66 billion by the year 2022.


Whether it’s a movie, a song download from Amazon or a Kindle eBook, Amical has a non-financial assets market for assets that have likewise been shifting to digital-only ownership.

Legal documents

Legal documents like wills, living trusts, real estate agreement, contract or working agreements can be submitted electronically for digital signature. The legal documents shared are stored digitally across a spectrum of individual vendors with their proprietary asset management system.

The team behind Amical include cofounders Jeff Porter, David Kerr, Keith Watanabe, and Dan Rahmel. The team has in-depth experience in business management, digital marketing, e-commerce, data science, cryptocurrency, machine learning and financial accounting.



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