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Alphacat (ACAT)


Alphacat is the world’s first ever quantitative investment platform for cryptocurrencies. It is a robot advisor marketplace which is based on big data and artificial intelligence. The platform is made up of a marketplace for predictive robots, the robots rely on big data and AI to make intelligent predictions on future price movements in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. The platform is with the NEO blockchain protocol in mind.

How does the platform work?

The aim of the platform is to allow average people to invest and achieve good investment performance. Powered by EI and run on Big Data, Alphacat offer world’s first robot advisor marketplace. The marketplace connects participants together, including:

  • Users who are willing to purchase algorithms
  • Architects and engineers who create trading algorithms

All transactions on the platform is governed by the ACAT tokens, using the token user can pay any services on the platform or pay for subscriptions to and distributing the invention of engineers and architects.

The problems that Alphacat solves

Some of the problems solved by Alphacat include:

  • Allow ordinary investors to benefit from using the Alphacat technology and joining the quantitative investment industry
  • Bridge the gap between modern financial technologies and cryptocurrency investing. Since there isn’t any institution focusing on the financial technology on investment and digital currency management.
  • Robots offer better trading services than humans. They run 24/7 and can analyze massive amounts of data at once. Robots also make a better decision than humans when it comes to trading.
  • Inventors of technology can reap handsomely some can create amazing algorithms while still working in financial institutions, banks, and other funds.

The Alphacat token

The ACAT token is the primary token on the platform. It is used for many transactions on the platform. Some of its use cases include:

  • Given as rewards to architect and engineers after users use research results and other information from them.
  • Engineers and architects use the token to pay for related development tools
  • Ordinary investors use the ACAT to pay for various services on the platform
  • Architects and engineers are required to stake ACAT tokens to be able to publish their invention and research results.

The team behind Alphacat

Alphacat was founded by Dr. Li Bin. Li has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of New York and over 21 years of experience in the financial industry. The team also consists of more than 30 experts with experience in machine learning, big data, finance technology, and AI.

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