What is Alis?

ALIS- Social Media


ALIS is a new and novel first even Japanese non-ad funded social media platform. It is a platform where people can create and find useful articles. The ALIS platform provides customers with reliable information from experts in real time. The platform is inspired by the STEEM and the billions of evaluations to create a social media platform with the admission of filtering through the myriads on stealth marketing and advertising campaigns. ALIS uses its token, the ALIS token as the key driver of all the functions on the platform.

ALIS is managed by a team of experts who have years of knowledge and expertise in the cryptocurrency and digital money industries. Masahiro Yasu is the founder and the CEO. Yasu has major in nuclear fusion and is experienced in business development and other business-related fields. Takashi Mizusawa is the co-founder and CMO of the company Takashi envision in a world where individuals will be able to ear unique abilities. Others include Sota Ishii, co-founder, and CTO, Tatsuhiko Kamei, legal department among others.

Alis video explanation


Give reliability at lower costs

ALIS uses the blockchain technology to offer its consumer’s reliability at a lower cost. As a result, the platform can maximize the rewards to contributors of ALIS.

Return of platform value

This is another feature than evaluated ALIS token that one gets. The tokens are distributed to contributors of ALIS.STEEM. The platform has already built a similar eco-system and gained billions of evaluations.

Discover high-quality articles

Using the ALIS platform, consumers can find high-quality articles. All articles receive evaluations. Writer and evaluators earn more ALIS tokens once they produce trustworthy articles. ALIS token is purchased and sold on exchanges like the STEEM and the Ethereum.

ALIS distribute more tokens to article writers and evaluators. In other words, the social media platform is where users can find trusted articles and win rewards. The media itself is a new concept and the features are in comparison with the existing STEEM. Articles on the platform are considered of high quality when more rewards are paid to the people who created the articles.

The Japanese market has great potential and so does the ALIS platform and the ALIS token. The vision of the platform is to create a social media platform that allows users to quickly assess trustworthy articles free people from meaningless advertisements and stealth marketing. The platform also wants to take advantage of placing job orders possible for B2C and C2C businesses.



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