What is Akuya?

Akuya (AKY)


Akuyacoin is a decentralized next-generation digital currency. Moreover, Akuyacoin is creating on top of the Akuya project. The project goal is to create a welfare of the world. People through the crypto community. The Akuya projects use Akuya coin. In order to solve problems which exist with the supply economics of public coins. The rewards schedule either drops too slowly or too quickly and Akuya wants to solve the problem. In addition, the unit of exchanges is AKY. The coin is a 3 million premised, max supply 23 Million, and mine-able coin.

What are the benefits of Akuya?

Equally important, Akuya has three key benefits that offer its users. Namely, the three benefits include.

Secure key management

When using Akuya, users should not leave their assets at risk on an unsecured online wallet or on an exchange. The projects offer a state of art digital security. Beside storage that ensures your assets are under control and safe.


Users can build their applications using the AKY Protocol. In addition, they can  sense precious development time. Users can develop their applications on the platform.

Transparent investments

The platform provides Akuya  investors a clear investments breakdown. In addition, they also have access to profit distribution reliable trading statistics and history.

 AKY Technical details

Firstly, Akuya is made with three major design considerations. Namely, the platform is built with:

Elliptic Curve for Digital signatures

To sign transactions and create public addresses. For example, Akuya uses elliptic curve algorithm ECDSA. However, they use different curve as a basis for the financial industry.

Proof of Work algorithm:

In other words, Akuya uses the first consensus network built with the Skein hash function.

Logarithmic Coin Release:

The AKY coin is the first coin that uses the logarithmic coin release. The AKY rewards according to the harmonic series.

Akuya wallet

The AKY wallet can be used to store digital assets like the AKY token. The wallet can be downloaded using the official website. Thus, people  can sign in to an account using the AKY official platform.

Akuya token (AKY)

The AKY coin Algorithm Coin Script is SHA – 256. It is a pure POW. Namely, a maximum of 23 million coins is supplied and 3 million premined.

Thus, Akuyacoin membership allows users to be part of the newest cryptocurrency. The goal of the Akuyacoin and the projects is to connect. In addition, to coordinate and support startups that show great potential. Under the project, participants receive varying shares of crowdfunding and economy company successes.

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