What is Airtoken?

Airtoken (AIR)




For mobile users to have access to unfettered internet usage, they need to have mobile capital accessibility and internet affordability. Centralized governments, big telcos, and banks make it expensive for users to create capital and have access to unfettered internet usage. AirToken wants to enable billion of subscribers to have access to capital and both the fuel of the smartphone and physical and digital goods within the mobile ecosystem.

AirToken is a new cryptocurrency that is redeemable for mobile data and digital and physical goods, the AirToken is the currency of the AirFox platform that has the vision of unlocking the mobile accessibility for the underserved by solving the mobile dead capital problem. AirFox is an integrated with thousands of wireless carriers that enable the site to buy mobile data in bulk in a bid to have economies of scale. Using the AirToken users can establish credit history using the advertising behavior and opted-in device data, enabling AirFox to fund microloans to any person with a smartphone via the tokens.

How AirToken work



AirToken is a new ERC20 token used to unlock free mobile internet through micro-loan and advertising rewards. To earn the tokens, users can opt into advertisements and claim micro-loans that can be redeemed for mobile data charges across the wireless carriers. AirFox works in three categories which are:

The user: instead of the ads being invisible burdens on users’ data, they will receive AirToken rewards for them and micro-loans based on the internal credit score of the AirFox user.

The carriers: here AirFox programmatically buy mobile data and airtime in bulk from carries. The carrier then maximises data usage and spectrum from subscribers in a bid to maximize revenue.

Advertisers: this section gives users the ability for higher monetization, a better user experience, and new user reach. Publishers can implement the micro loans, AirToken rewards and advertising system for higher user output and increase revenue.

AirFox is led and managed by a team of co-founder and advisors how have the expertise and experience needed in the Etheruem and cryptocurrency ecosystems. The platform has three section of its timeline that includes:

  • Phase 1 where users earn free AirToken via advertising mobile charges across wireless carriers.
  • Phase 2 that enables qualified users to redeem tokens by collateralizing prepaid accounts balance.
  • Phase 3 for extending the microloans and advertising blockchain system across a network of advertisers and publishers.

The Vision is AirToken is to create a world where everybody can enjoy unrestricted access to the internet.

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