What is Airporn?

Airporn (XXX)



Airporn is a blockchain-based porn marketplace for Porn. Airporn provides people with the anonymous way to purchase and sell high-quality videos. The platform wants to solve the most critical reason why people avoid other platforms, which is privacy. Privacy prevents people from purchasing and sharing private videos, the power of cryptocurrency, Airporn plans to give you’re the changes to access videos without fearing for your privacy.

Airporn features

Smart contracts.

The platform uses smart contracts to enforce revenue sharing. All transactions that happen on the platform are excited through the transfer of tokens. The tokens are paid for smart contracts powered by the Ethereum platform with a bonus to both the video producer and their platform. The ratios are agreed between the two.

The ERC20 token

Since Airporn is powered by the cryptocurrencies, it’s anonymous by nature. All revenues are shared by the smart contracts and all transactions are made using the ERC20 token. The transactions are absolutely fair and transparent.


Airporn introduced the pay-per-play option to allure content producers to create more video, producers are paid using tokens that incentivize them to create high-quality contents.

Airporn is a platform for both the end users and got content producers. It has both categories on its platform, but the categories have different features. For end users the feature includes:

  • No ads: since end users are required to pay a little token for the videos they watch, they don’t have to click and see any ads.
  • Privacy: the platform does not register users and they only accept XXX tokens. So no personal information is required.
  • High quality and accessibility: you can access high-quality videos on Airporn because the producer is paid to create them

Airporn Video Explanation


For content producers

  • Privacy: producers don’t have to give their true identity. They are also paid with cryptocurrencies that can be converted to fiat currencies using major exchanges.
  • Transparency: all payment and profits records are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain is publicly visible and auditable.
  • Get paid faster: producer earns token once the viewers’ pay to watch. They also get paid faster since the token can be traded anytime on major exchanges.

The team

Kevin Lee is the CEO of airporn. He has over 5 years of programming experience and product growth experience. Other are Isaac Huang (CTO), Amy Chen (CFO), Lei Lu (CSO) and Josh Roomsburg (CMO). XXX token is the only digital currency used on the platform.

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