What is Aidos Kuneen?

Aidos Kuneen (ADK)


In today’s world, our financial privacy is in a lot of danger more than any other time. Governments and banks not only want to keep our money and records of how we spend safe, but they also want to keep the free from leakage and use the information to enforce their power. This is where Aidos Kuneen comes in. Aidos Kuneen is a decentralized open source network that puts its focus on scalability and privacy.  The network is secure, private and untraceable.

Aidos Kuneen uses a technology that enables users to spend tokens freely with any limitation or fear on being tainted or tracked. Even though there are other blockchains that offer the same services, Aidos designed differs from the rest. However, it still retains core principles of improved privacy, openness and decentralization. It is ready to be used with the internet of things, enabling participation in the billions of devices.

Aidos Kuneen features

Aidos has features that enable easy, secure and affordable transactions on the platform. Some of the features that users can find useful on the platform include:

Open source

This is the core feature or principle on the platform. Everything on the platform is submitted for review by the public which makes the platform open.


If you want to perform transactions on the platform in a private and anonymous manner, you can succeed since the platform’s transaction system protects users from having their identities revealed. The platform uses an AKshuffle which keeps user anonymous making all the transaction from sending to receiving 100% invisible and untraceable.

No fees

Aidos is a no-fee platform due to the natural use of the core technology. The no fees feature is best for people who want to perform, the microtransaction as it makes it possible. It is also an important requirement to be used on the internet of things.

Ricardo Badoer is the founder and also an executive of the platform. Ricardo has 16 years of experience in offshore banking and finance and more than 5 years of experience in digital currency trading. The platform also has Norman, who is the executive and chief programmer.

Aidos Kuneen (ADK) token and market

Aidos uses its token the ADK to trade in the crypto market. The Aidos market itself allows people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies effortlessly in an ethical and fair trading environment. You need to register and acquire the Aidos wallet to start transacting on the platform.

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