What is Aidcoin?

AidCoin (AID)



The aim Aidcoin (AID) is to become the most preferred method to donate transparency through the Ethereum Blockchain. Users of the AidChain platform will be able to access services and other products on the platform use the AidCoin token. The AidChain platform lerverage AidCoin to provides an ecosystem of services through connecting the non-profit community. Furthermore also creating and easy-to-use interface. All this, while allowing full traceability and transparency of donations.

What services does AidChain provide?

The AidChain platform provides services that include an internal exchange to convert major cryptocurrencies into AidChain, an explorer to track donation transparency, a built-in wallet to store and donate easily, templates of smart contracts to run fundraising campaigns and tools for connected donors with the actors involved in the non-profit sector.

What problems do AidCoin and Aid chain seek to solve

The AidChain seeks to solve the problems facing the non-profit sector today. The platform seeks to solve issues such as false expenses, corruption scandals, misuse of funds and gross inefficiencies. AidChain will use distributed ledgers to track transactions, smart contracts to ensure donations are spent accordingly, and cryptocurrencies to transfer funds. The team behind the project is determined to make the non-profit sector efficient, more transparent and cost-effective.

What is AidPay?

AidPay is a payment gateway that allows charities to register on the AidChain platform. The AidChain platform allows charities to accept cryptocurrencies donations directly on their website and instantly convert them into AidCoins. The idea behind this is to allow charities to receive donations within a single wallet at the same time providing transparency and traceability.

Features and benefits of AidChain

Register and verify identity

to use the platform, charities and cause must first register and get verified in order to receive donations.

Convert and donate

The platform has an internal exchange that converts major cryptocurrencies into AidCoin. It also has a built-in wallet where users can manage and store AidCoins.

Track donations

you can follow all transactions both off-chain and on-chain

Deduct from taxes

you can make the donations tax deductible by getting a receipt for all your donations.

Deploy smart contract

Smart contract templates are easily customized with the click of a button.

Discover and connect

employ specially designed tools and connect donors will actors involved.


AidCoin is the cryptocurrency token that powers the AidChain platform. The token sale is scheduled for 16 January 2018.

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