What is Aichain?

Aichain (AIT)



AICHAIN (AIT) is a blockchain ecosystem. It aim of creating a platform that will facilitate the communication, data sharing, and cooperation among participants. Moreover it provides a public blockchain platform for the AI with complex applications. For example, the development team, data resources provider and runtime platform resources providers and users can all deploy applications or data on the AICHAIN platform. AICHAIN also plans to enable data transaction and protection of data security at the same time disrupt data concentration in the process improving AI industry efficiency and productivity for everybody.

The AIT Token

The AICHAIN platform uses the AIT token as the fuel of the ecosystem. The AIT token can be used in three different ways. They are:

Global payments: anyone can transact AI services worldwide using the AIT token. The token also encourages more people to participate in implementation and development of AI applications. It also supports various virtual currency exchange methods.

Market value of AI: AICHAIN allows data owners to share data with application developers to make sure they have more data that helps them create more valuable applications that meet the needs of the market and participants. The process can only be completed by the AIT coin making the entire ecosystem robust and richer.

An AI to AI Industry: The AIT token allowing everybody, including tech giants, to gain the most out of the digitalization era through the global AI to AI micro-services industry.

Features of AICHAIN

Public key cryptography

The AICHAIN system uses Bitcoin’s specifications to obtain the address of the coin through encoding algorithms and a series of hashish. The Public key cryptography corresponds private key to decrypt data encrypted with a public key.

Related algorithms include Elliptic curve signature algorithm, hash function, and base 58 encoding for the calculation of private key, addresses, and public keys.

Mining algorithms

AICHAIN leverages the power of hashing algorithm industry to create the most secure, enduring and robust algorithm for mining algorithms.

The technical advantage of these features helps the ecosystem to focus on AI and create a compatibility, customizable and easy to use the platform.


AICHAIN is led by Stephen Huntsman, experts in AI and blockchain fields. Stephen is also proficient in trading, disruptive technologies and encrypted assets. The team also includes other experts with vast experience in the blockchain and AI industry. Based on the issues facing the AI industry, the aim of the team in to come up with the solutions to all the issues and make a better platform for users.

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