What is Ahoolee?

Ahoolee (AHT)




Nowadays, many people go online to look for information, products, and services they hope to use. Search engines like Yandex, Bing, and Google are designed to look for information on websites. When users use the search engines, they normally get a list of websites that only mention the product, but there isn’t a single place where people can compare shops by price. People are also not sure if what they are looking for is up to date as these search engines include pages with outdated information. However, there is a solution available now, the Ahoolee project.

What is the Ahoolee project?

Ahoolee is the first search engine that is dedicated to online shopping worldwide. The project uses a decentralized platform for indexing and open collecting information from open sources with blockchain technology base confirmation of authenticity. The Ahoolee platform has a main advantage of marketplaces, with the ability to compare prices in all stores using a single product card.

Ahoolee has developed a search engine for products aimed precisely at solving the problems in the search engine and give people a better search engine platform. The mission of the project is to enable people to find products they are looking for on the web and sells and compare the product prices in other shops where they can be purchased. Ahoolee believes that information about stores the prices of the products and how the price changes, all information about the product you are looking for is made available on the platform.

Ahoolee Video Explanation

The Merchandise of Ahoolee tokens

Ahoolee token (AHT) is based on the Ahoolee blockchain and issued as an Ethereum fork, Ahoolee tokens can be purchased via internal exchange using ETH or BTC as well as EUR, RUR, and EUR. The internal exchange is integrated into the digital wallet. Any person who owns AHT token can purchase products using the coins in any store represented in the platform. Any visitors to the Ahoolee website and interested in buying the AHT has the opportunity to get additional discounts from stores.

In addition, the platform pays assessors for the manual training of the machine. Any user can be an assessor and earn AHT tokens by means of manual labor, but not by means of hardware capabilities. Ahoolee cryptocurrency enables users to purchase any items in all stores. At the moment, Ahoolee’s database contains more than 40 million SKUs, but the numbers keep growing daily. Users can only purchase items stores represented on the platform.



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