What is Agrello?

Agrello (DLT)



Agrello is a legal tech startup foundation that decided to avoid creating their blockchain on top of the Qtum and instead use the Ethereum. Agrello initially selected Qtum but later changed their decision to use Ethereum as their infrastructural foundation. It provides and operates Ethereum-based token as part of their decision to create an Ethereum based system. This essentially means that the system will be backed by an Ether platform.

How do Agrello works?

Agrello works in a way that enables users to easily and quickly transact on the platform. With just a few clicks, users on the platform can set up agreements. What Agrello does, is that offers graphical templates, wizards, and interface that enable users to design legally binding multi-party contracts easily. The same applies to setting terms and conditions, with just a few clicks, users can set terms and conditions.

Agrello then translates your agreement to a smart contract code before all the information is safely stored in the blockchain. The obligations, rights, and payments are then triggered according to the user terms of contracts and input. The whole process is automated. After this process, a legally binding document is created in a parallel way. The document is digitally signed and drafted in legal English. The agreement in the documents is open to future adjustment and renegotiations.

Agrello Video Explanation

Agrello technical aspect

Agrello effectively uses artificial Intelligence to help clients and users manage their contracts. The AI counselor will be present advice and guidance to individuals who need to be guided through the process of agreement. The AI counselor will provide legal obligations and rights. At all stages, the foundation enables its clients to stay in control of their privileges and obligations. Clients will be in a position to manage and wave their duties and privileges according to the benefits and consequences they present.

Users can also realize their vision of legally binding Agrello with smart contracts. Agrello allows the use of smart contracts as a legal and safe instrument to streamline their operations. The peer-to-peer sharing environment is also accessible using Agrello. The p2p give contractors, owners of small businesses and freelancers to formalize long-term and short-term business operations without legal documents. Agrello is highly end-user oriented and offers a user-friendly platform. Users will not put up blockchain nodes and heavyweight environment. It works with a purported business case where users have the opportunity to design and manage automated smart contracts.


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