What is Agoras Tokens?


Agoras Tokens (AGRS) is an application that is built over Tau, the Tau-Chain is an intelligent decentralized network and a language with automated logical proofs. The developers simply have to provide the requirements, then the Tau-Chain will develop the code after the developers have verified it. The Tau allows users to build anything like search engines, marketplaces, social networks or applications. Agoras falls in the application category.


How AGRS works?


Agoras is the first smart currency that allows smart contracts to be handed out to the clients and coder party so they will know the consequences if they don’t follow the rules and regulations stated in the smart contract. This is possible through the Tau-Chain’s language.

Tau-Chain video explanation

Aside from being a currency, AGRS also offers several markets where users can hire programmers, coders or software developers in a secure and innovative way. AGRS supports peer to peer contracts, so the client and the coder don’t have to trust each other. For instance, a client hires a software developer then was not pleased with the developed software, there’s tendency that the client will not pay the developer’s bill.


With AGRS, the developer’s bill will be automatically paid once the client verifies the code. This makes it convenient for the both parties. According to the developers of AGRS, they think that this currency will help in improving how people work together and how they do business.  




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