What is Aeon?



Are you looking for a cryptocurrency that is not just a cryptocurrency but a lifestyle? Then you need to consider trying AEON. AEON is a decentralized digital currency that is slowly becoming a normal thing in its user’s everyday life. AEON is built to enable an era and an age where people from every place have the freedom to privately receive and send money using any device. Many people nowadays are using cell phones, especially smartphones to do transactions and access the internet. AEON is a cryptocurrency that enables users to perform all the transactions they need to perform using any device they already own.

AEON features


The AEON cryptocurrency secures all the transaction performed on the platform. They have a robust cryptography and the cryptography is distributed through a global P2P consensus network making it one of the secure cryptocurrency platform.


If you are the kind of a person that loves performing transactions lick transferring funds without being identified, them AEON is the platform for you. The AEON utilizes a cryptographic system that helps in the transfer of funds without identifying information of the user. The information is private and cannot be found on the blockchain public domain.


AEON is very different from other blockchains as it uses ring signatures which means all transactions on the platform are untraceable. The ring signatures make it very difficult for blockchain to analyze and determine the funds you have spent.

Since AEON is a completely free to use and an open sourced without any restriction. Users can enjoy all the features of the platform and anyone is welcome to contribute. The project is related to CryptoNote and Monero and it is better and different from the platforms in different ways. Some of the ways that AEON is different from Monero are:

  • It is mobile-friendly, which means it can successfully run efficiently on mobile devices.
  • It uses the lightweight POW that allows for faster blockchain verification.
  • The blockchain allows pruning for scalability and improves anonymity on the platform by reducing age-based attacks.
  • Faster syncing that helps in reducing block time.

AEON has optional lightweight transfers to allow for traceable transfers. It is a faster, lower-fee option that can be used for non-sensitive payments.

In conclusion, AEON seeks to be a lightweight Monero. It has an independent community and a distinctive development goal that will enable the cryptocurrency to thrive on its own, but at the same time drawing from the technical advantages of CryptoNote and Monero.

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