What is AdEx?

AdEx (ADX)



In recent months, the cryptocurrency world has been welcoming different types of cryptocurrencies. The blockchain technology is increasingly becoming bigger and bigger. One of the cryptocurrency coins that are found in the cryptocurrency world is the coin from the AdEx network. On August 15, 2017, AdEx network released an official press release about his partnership with Richard Titus and Stremis in an exciting technological collaboration. AdEx announced teaming up with the NEO smart contracts system a Chinese Ethereum blockchain. Why is the collaboration important? First, let’s understand what AdEx is.

What is AdEx?

AdEx(ADX) is a decentralized blockchain-based exchange. It is a decentralized ad network based on both the smart contracts and the blockchain technology. The aim of AdEx is to solve the problems faced by the advertising industry. The AdEx network sees the potential of improving the transparency in ad delivery and bidding which lacks in the advertising industry.  Other problems that this platform solves is the privacy and consent to delivering and receiving sponsored messages and much more. AdEx believes that they can empower publishers and advertiser with a platform that is transparent, beneficial and secure for all users who are involved in the process including the consumers.

AdEx is determined to achieve their goal using the AdEx Core. The released AdEx core is the base smart contract that they will use to power the advertising network. The team has evaluated the NEO smart contract system and concluded it as a well-designed and beneficial for its operations. This means AdEx is committed to porting the AdEx Core to the Neo system. Furthermore, the AdEx team believes that the collaboration between them and the NEO ecosystem will be favorable for the ecosystem.

AdEx is developed with the end user in mind. The features in the AdEx system are built to make things easier for the users. Some of the features of the AdEx include:

  • Available for all browsers
  • Crystal-clear detailed advertising and reporting
  • The system can be regulated by the end users
  • Focused on user privacy

AdEx is currently is working on releasing a new protocol for their service. The project’s white paper stipulates that the full version of the protocol and the version will be released earn 2018. However, the team is optimistic that people can access the version of the platform few months before its actual release early 2018. The AdEx and the ADX tokens are gaining value and momentum on various exchanges platforms.


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