What is Acute Angle Cloud?

Acute Angle Cloud (ACC)




From the time Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin, many people have innovated other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies with the main concern being on the transaction performance, the safe anonymity of blockchain, consensus algorithm, PoS, DPOS, PBFT and zero-knowledge proof and mixing. However, there are still some problems revealed gradually with these mechanisms. The Acute Angle Cloud is a promising blockchain that perfectly combines BitShares and Ethereum strengths to solve inherent defects of the already existing blockchain system. The blockchain is expected to form a blockchain economy, boost efficiency and synergetic development and promote industry’s efficiently of the society by setting up a basic platform.

What is the significance of the Acute Angle Cloud?

The Acute Angle Cloud blockchain significance of the issues that promise to solve. Some of these issues include:

Storage strength

The blockchain solves waste of storage space and automatically re-distributed data to enhance utilization rate of storage space. It also connects same file system computing devices and replaces address based on contents with one domain name.

Prevention of waste resources

By visualization technology the Acute Angle Cloud can collect and allocate users CPU resources bad idle hard disk with full utilization, forming application of integrated Acute Angle Cloud and Acute Angle PC in chain ecosystem.

Reduction of cost to use

By Blockchain technology, IPFS technology, and cloud computing, Acute Angle Cloud realizes a distributed IaaS platform that overturns operation [patterns with maintenance cost and high operation of traditional centralized machine rooms to generate value for users.

Features of Acute Angle Cloud

  • Safety: the Acute Angle Cloud puts forward smart sandbox mechanism to enhance response and increase network safety and stability together with the use of DPoS to improve transaction efficiency and increase unity and stability.
  • Extensibility: the Acute Angle Cloud is supplemented by smart contracts to respond to events in real time and in the real world. Its extensibility is used to solve the information problem of incompatible blockchains.
  • Stability: this is an essential condition that ensures the Acute Angle Chain and virtual machine makes a team

The Acute Angle Team comprises of Founder Victor Gao and Co-founders Michael Lin, Shi He, Sherry Wang, and Chifei fan.  Operations and assured stability of the blockchain network. Regional directors include jack Dong, Feng Lin, Charles Regi and Daoji Quan. The team also includes consultants.

Being a blockchain that combines BitShares and Ethereum the Acute Angle cloud include an Acute Angle Chain, Acute Angle Coin, and Acute Angle PC. The three helps in the futuristic design on the blockchain.




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