What is Achain?

Achain (ACT)




Achain is simple, secure and efficient blockchain platform that allows users to deploy digital assets and other enterprise-class decentralized applications. The platform has gained market recognition when it comes to digital asset issuance. With its unique RDPOS distributed consensus mechanism, Achain has been able to implement a complete Turing smart contract VM. It can also create and run smart contracts, copyright protection, issue various types of digital assets and certificates of evidence among other things. The Achain blockchain is committed to building a boundless blockchain with greatest potential and creativity in the world.

Why is Achain blockchain important?

The Achain blockchain prioritizes stability, extensiveness, and security. It introduces cutting-edge designs of a smart sandbox, virtual machines, value exchange protocol and forking mechanism to create a user-friendly, evolving customizable and low-cost blockchain network. Consensus algorithm, optimization so block interval bad block volume also helps the blockchain network reach a performance rate of about 1000TPS.


  • Safety: Achain uses a PoS mechanism to guard the security of the network. The network later enhanced the version and invented a commercial-friendly and universally version the RDPoS consensus mechanism for better security and increased block response. In addition, it proposed to use so a smart sandbox mechanism.
  • Stability: Achain uses a simple philosophy of modular design, developed by LVM for two advantages. To upgrade performance rate powered by Lua language and the effectively offer protection against potential system coupling.
  • Scalability: Achain proposed scalability to help solve issues of incompatibility of the blocks in the blockchain.
  • Easy to use: the Blockchain network provides users with an ease of use technology in two ways. First one is a Blockchain as a service or BaaS. This helps to lower the technical threshold for individuals and enterprises. The second one is the offer of multiple programming language support that encourages enthusiast and developers to get involved with Achain easily.

Development plan

The first stage of Achain happens in 2014-2016. The stage included enhancing the Achain networks’ stability and security. From 2016-2017, Achain split into multiple subchains to help meet the need for different application, including e-documentation, insurance, record investigation, cryptocurrency and credit rating among others. Stage 3 includes the BaaS and VEP concept and technology that started in 2017 and will end in 2018.

Achain technical team

Achain was founded back in 2015 and has a core team of 17 members who are experienced in cryptocurrency and the blockchain industries. The founder of the network is Tony Cui who is helped by 16 core members of the team.

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