What is Accelerator?

Accelerator (ACC)




The Accelerator platform is a mining facility that helps the platform token holder to perform specific tasks on the blockchain. The approach the platform uses allows anyone to become a proof the blockchain without the need to invest in a hardware, the goal of Accelerator is to accelerate the blockchain technology by providing an easy to use value-added services.

Accelerator’s core features

The Accelerator has two main features that make the platform stand out from the cloud, these features are the core features of the platform. They include:

Accelerator network

The Accelerator network is a physical asset to the Accelerator token. The network is also the Physical asset of the mining facility. Token holders can spend any amount of their ACC token of the network for services.

Accelerator token

The Accelerator token is another key feature of the Accelerator. The token initials are ACC and it is the only method of payment on the Accelerator platform. It is only the only token accepted on the Accelerator network. The token is a PoS smart contract token that is Ethereum compatible. It allows a holder to mine more token at a pre-defined rate and through the token staking system. The token mining is a simple process that can be done at home. It takes place within the Ethereum and it requires a little to no knowledge at all to mine.

Token supply

A maximum of 10 million ACC tokens is meant to be supplied. The total will be reached by the year 2033. Once the target is reached, no ore ACC tokens will be generated. To mine the token, Accelerator uses the Proof-of-stake mining. Though the process sounds complicated, it is actually something a token holder can do and then activate the mining protected by sending an amount of the tokens back to them. The accelerator network will accept and in return run specialized takes using the token.

Token distribution

The distribution process goes as follows:

  • 20% of the ACC supplied in the ICO was distributed to the core development team
  • 80% were airdropped to website affiliates and visitors


The Accelerator Network and token were launched in the 4th quarter of 2017. In the Q1, 2018 the platform plans the introduced new orders jobs, Q2, 2018 build out and construction of a megawatt mining facility and Q4, 2018, token holders will vote to build a lower compute pricing and another larger facility.

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