What is AB-CHAIN?


AB-CHAIN (ABS) is a new advertising platform that publishers and advertisers connect to use cryptocurrencies to complete their advertising transactions. The platform is developed by a team of experienced business professional and developers with years of experience in advertising projects such as QIWIbonus and PINbonus and Fintech. The AB-CHAIN platform is a platform for companies with payments in cryptocurrency. The platform accepts 10 most popular cryptocurrencies as a payment medium. By accepting the coins, it allows companies that are funded through ICO to bypass potential problems that appear during the process of converting cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies.

AB-CHAIN was founded by Vladimir Dyakov. Dyakov is also the CEO of the company. Head of communication and PR is Cate Lawrence. David Pomies is the Business Development Director and Co-founder and Ivan Pshenitsyn the CTO and also the co-founder. The team is comprised of other qualified and experienced members who have been engaging in different crypto platform and businesses. The platform held their ICO from September 18, 2017, to October 1st, 2017. They plan to use the funds they raise from the ICO to conquer a specific market niche of advertising.

What is the AB-CHAIN TOKEN?

The AB-CHAIN token is the ABC token. It is the official token used by the AB-CHAIN platform. The token is a decentralized ERC20 token available ion the Ethereum blockchain. Being on the Ethereum blockchain allows smart contract between AB-CHAIN and their clients. Advertisers receive 50% discount on AB-CHAIN commission fees whenever they use the ABC token to pay for transactions. Advertisers paying using the BTC are charged 20% commission while advertisers paying using ABC coins are only charged 10% commission over all payments.

Smart Contract: the smart contract as a decentralized infrastructure and software that allows customers to interact freely with AB-CHAIN. Although customers can interact freely, there are some known rules that cannot be changed.

What solutions does ABS provide?

AB-CHAIN provides a number of solutions for existing ad networks. Technologically the platform will be Restful API, including:

  • Conversion and analytics reporting
  • Payment reporting
  • Payments preferences
  • Publishers list synchronization
  • Postbacks that allows stopping of campaigns by an advertiser or a publisher.

The AB-Chain platform uses a cloud-based rotation application system scaling, depending on the network load. The cloud-based application allows the system to scale for big volumes of advertising without the need of changing the software. According to Vladimir Dyakov, the platform enables the use of cryptocurrency to boost publisher profits and advertiser will choose among different publisher who they want to connect with.

Project no longer live

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